Awards World Usability Day Challenge for eToy App

Our Layoutians, family, friends, and followers, we are now celebrating our first awards and achievements, and we have not forgotten to share with you our joy. Today, World Usability Day was officially announced that I and my partners Yaser Nazzal, Dia Shanti – Nazzal, and Hala Abu Al-Failat have won and been ranked first in this international competition. Indeed, our tiredness and our fatigue were never lost, praise is to God.

About World Usability Day Challenge

World Usability Day is an event that takes place on one day of the year in appreciation of society, individuals and government. This day highlights the most important ways to facilitate life for individuals, companies, and governments by introducing and designing new ideas. These ideas matter that they are completely out of the box, easy to use, usable, and have a purpose that benefits humanity. On the other hand, it is a competition that is all innovation and challenge World Usability Day.World Usability Day has announced the HCI conference that challenges and provokes designers to produce usable design ideas for an easy society in every sense. HCII provides an international forum for the dissemination and exchange of up-to-date scientific information on theoretical, we loop general and applied fields. This conference works on exchanging ideas and cultures, creating awareness, shedding light on societal problems, and providing a solution using technology.

What is the idea that we have come up with?

As the layouti group, we were confused because we had a lot of ideas in progress, but the idea that blew us away was the idea of the etoy app because in the parenting community we suffer from it a lot! etoy is the solution that the world of parents calls for to benefit from preloved toys that are thrown without benefit. Come with us to discuss the idea of etoy more…

About etoy app

The idea for etoy app came from some meetings of some parents’ friends who were discussing the problem of kids’ toys. The discussion included the high cost of toys, the large number of kids’ demands for toys, the large number of buying toys without knowing the appropriate age for them, the importance of toys in the stages of a kid’s development, and their impact on his learning and awareness.We explored the topic to research the consumption of children’s toys and found that about 40 million toys are thrown annually, of them that are in good condition, and among them are the eggs. In all cases, toys are thrown away, you know what this means!

Throwing toys is very harmful to society and also with every toy you throw in the trash a child cries and was not able to buy toys for him! Hence the idea of the etoy app.

How does eToy App solve the problem?

The idea of etoy app is the solution, why? etoy decided to use the toys instead of throwing them away by selling them and using their price to buy another, or exchanging them with another child, or giving them up and giving them to another child. The best idea is that it arranges the toys according to their appropriate age and mentions some of the benefits that the toy adds to the age of the child.

Genius Design eToy App

The idea of the app is excellent and it had to be supported by a genius design like it. In order to create interaction between parents and the design and encourage them to use the application, we designed rewards for everyone who uses the application to get points. These points are later exchanged into a game or prize offered by etoy.We also designed a page for each user so that they can follow their own operations, browse the application freely, and download previous games.

Our choice of colors was successful. We relied on white and green, the colors of peace, and giving because the purpose of the application is to spread peace and teach giving.

As for the icons and design elements, they were childishly expressive of an application for children’s games, not only that, but they were smart and expressive of their meaning to facilitate understanding and use. Everything in the design did its job, so the idea worked.

UX Research & Usability Testing

Before starting the design, it was necessary to conduct user experience research to learn more about the user’s persona in terms of age, the standard of living, personality, job, and the problems they face in order to know the personality we are dealing with.

They all agree that there is an endless pyramid of untapped toys and children get bored of toys very quickly, and of course because there are many of them.

We had to know all these points before starting the design to solve them by design and technology and it really happened.

After completing the design, we presented the app design to a group of users and asked them to browse it to test usability, and we took all the notes to modify them until we reached that the design became free from defects in terms of idea and implementation as well.

Do you think we really deserve to win? Check these designs of etoy app to improve your judgment: